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MPPT Solar Cherge Regulators

Solar Charge Regulators

Efficient MPPT charge regulators. Managed over the phone up to 11 kWp. Voltage 12/24 / 48V. They ensure charging in the shade. They save up to 30 days of work history. Perfect for motorhomes and industrial applications.

DC/AC Phoenix Inveters

DC/AC Inverters

DC / AC sinudoidal voltage converter. Working voltage 12/24 /48V. Power up to 5000V and parallel operation. Possibility of three-phase operation.

MultiPlusII Inverters Chargers


The MultiPlus multifunction device is an integrated battery charger and inverter. It enables the construction of UPS systems and energy storage. One- and three-phase work.

Inverter Charfers DCAC MultiPlus

Small Chargers/Invertes

Integrated battery charger with inverter. Perfect for motorhomes as an energy block. Works with a solar panel and AC power from the grid. It has the function of UPS.

Easy Solar GX

Hybrid Unit

Connection of a solar charger, inverter and AC 230V mains charger. It allows to build hybrid photovoltaic installations that can also work on an island system. Possibility of internet monitoring and VRM Victron Energy portal

Cerbo GX Internet Managment

Internet monitoring

The Cerbo GX unit ensures communication between all Victron Energy products. It presents their work on a legible blank in the Victron Remote Portal system, which is free of charge.

GEL AGM Batteries

GEL and AGM Battery

Classic AGM and GEL batteries with a capacity from 18 to 220Ah. They provide up to 500 full discharge cycles. Dedicated to cyclical photovoltaic systems.

LiFePO4 Battery

LiFePO4 Batteries

Modern LiFePO4 batteries managed by the phone. Thanks to an external energy management system, they can generate electricity twice as large as their capacity. They perform 2,500 work cycles.

SmartShunt Battery Monitor

Battery monitoring

The SmartShunt system allows you to monitor the incoming and outgoing DC current. Counting the number of battery cycles, charge level and voltage. It can be available with or without a display.