Complete energy storage system


The system is delivered fully programmed and configured by a Victron Energy expert


Thanks to the full utilization of space in the RACK cabinet, the system occupies relatively little space and is aesthetically pleasing


All components inside the already assembled and put together cabinet are connected with power and communication cables – the only thing left to do is to connect the power cables

The set includes

Landberg Cabinet 42U 600×800 | 1 unit
Set of 4 fans for RACK cabinet | 1 unit
Mounting kit for MultiPlus inverters | 1 unit
Cerbo GX | 1 unit
GX Touch 70 | 1 unit
Mutiplus II 48/ depending on the power | 3 units
Landberg LAN Cables 2m | 4 units
Shelf for RACK cabinet | 1 unit
19″ Blank Panel 3U | 1 unit
Set of comb channels | 1 unit
Rack voltage distribution panel (DIN) | 2 units
I-0-II 40A switch | 1 unit
40A circuit breaker | 2 units
10A circuit breaker | 1 unit
DIN rail socket | 1 unit
25mm distribution blocks | 12 units
2-wire busbar connector | 6 units
ET340 meter | 1 unit
RS485 to USB interface cable 1.8m | 1 unit
DC distributor up to 500A | 1 unit
MegaFuse Fuse 125/200/300A | 3 units
Busbar 600A 8p | 1 unit
Complete set of DC wiring 50/70mm² | 1 unit
Complete set of AC wiring 10mm² | 1 unit
19″ mounting rails | (depending on capacity)
Pylontech US5000 Battery | (depending on capacity)
Set of cables for Pylontech | (depending on capacity)
VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A 1.8m | 1 unit

The Pylontech US5000 battery is an ideal way to store energy from solar panels. Its high capacity and 95% depth of discharge guarantee efficiency.

Cerbo GX

The Cerbo GX device is an integrated management point for all Victron Energy devices. It has multiple Ve.Direct and VE.Bus ports, as well as ports for monitoring liquid levels, such as in a water tank.

GX Touch 70

The GX Touch 70 serves as a display extension for Cerbo GX devices. Its seven-inch touchscreen provides an instant overview of the system and allows for quick adjustments of settings

Multiplus II 48V

The efficient MultiPlus-II multifunctional inverter: a pure sine wave inverter, advanced charger, and battery converter with adaptive charging technology, as well as a rapid automatic transfer switch for backup power

Professional energy storage

The most functional energy storage on the market, offering unique, comprehensive solutions not available in other systems

Fast installation

The system's installation is 90% faster than with conventional solutions. Save time and money

System principle

Key features of the system


Our system is designed for ease and speed of installation. All you need to do is connect the power cables from the electrical grid. Without unnecessary complications, it's ready to operate in just a few moments

No need for specialized knowledge

Since everything has already been configured and assembled by our experts, you don't need detailed technical knowledge. We offer a user-friendly product that anyone can easily install and use


The system includes MultiPlus inverters from Victron Energy and Pylontech batteries – leaders in the industry. We thus ensure the highest quality and reliability

Autonomous and maintenance-free operation

The system is equipped with the necessary equipment for monitoring and management, ensuring its autonomous operation. You don't have to worry about daily management – everything works automatically.

and Reliability

High safety standards and operational reliability are our priority. The energy storage system ensures continuous power supply and protection against unforeseen power supply interruptions

Aesthetic and Compact Design

Our system combines aesthetic design and a compact construction. It has been carefully designed not only to facilitate installation but also to fit seamlessly into the space, maintaining a sense of minimalism and elegance.

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