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Building our own Solar Power Plant

Building our own Solar Power Plant

The solar power plant and its power panel selection. The size of the solar power plant we install should be…
Solar panels in a Motorhome - FAQ

Solar panels in a Motorhome - FAQ

Motorhomes are increasingly popular worldwide. More and more people are buying them, not only to drive to parking spaces equipped with…
How to choose a solar panel for a PWM & MPPT controller?

How to choose a solar panel for a PWM & MPPT controller?

Photovoltaic modules, commonly known as solar panels, constitute the electricity generator in a photovoltaic system. We distinguish between low voltage and high voltage…
Charge Regulators with the MPPT System

Charge Regulators with the MPPT System

Charge regulators are used to control the operation of photovoltaic systems equipped with solar panels. Their main task is to ensure the…

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Our ready kits

Hybrid solar system

Hybrid solar plants

Works with sun and grid

Hybrid solar power plants work with both solar panels and grid. If necessary, they can recharge the batteries using a power generator or directly from the public network. They can also work completely independently on an island. They offer a voltage of 230V AC

Ready Set solar panel 230V AC

Solar palant 230V AC

230V direct from sun

Island solar power plants provide the production of 230V AC voltage directly from the sun. Solar panels charge the battery. Then, the energy from the battery is converted into 230V with a converter. The systems are only island-based.

ESS Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems

Storege your solar energy

ESS systems enable the storage of surplus energy from any type of OnGrid solar power plant. Equipped with LiFePO4 batteries, they can perform up to 6,000 cycles. The batteries are charged with excess energy to power the installation at night or on sunless days.

Solar panel and charge regulator

Solar panel ready kit

Charging batteries 12/24/48V

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