Charge Regulators with the MPPT System

Charge regulators are used to control the operation of photovoltaic systems equipped with solar panels. Their main task is to ensure the correct charging characteristics of the batteries. They make sure that the battery is not overcharged or over-discharged, and thus extend its life.

What does it mean that the regulator is an MPPT regulator?

MPPT is the maximum power point determined in the current-voltage characteristics. MPPT is the MPP tracking system of the PV generator. MPPT charge regulators have a built-in MPP electronic tracking system that constantly wanders around the solar panel looking for the maximum power point. Thanks to this, MPPT regulators make it possible to obtain approximately 30% more power from the panels thanwith PWM regulators. MPPT regulators work very well in the atmospheric conditions prevailing in our country. They allow you to charge the batteries faster on cloudy, rainy days with less sun. They work perfectly in the autumn and winter season, when there is much less sun, and the days are short.

MPPT regulators from Victron Energy.

The Dutch company Victron Energy offers a wide range of MPPT regulators, specializing in devices for photovoltaic installations. VE regulators have the highest European quality, satisfying even the most demanding customers. These regulators are made with the highest accuracy in a blue metal housing. They have signaling diodes that inform the user about the operation of his system. These controllers have three outputs: one for connecting panels, another for connecting batteries, and the third for connecting loads. The controller automatically adjusts itself to the system voltage. The innovative BlueSolar algorithm always maximizes energy consumption, allowing for effective battery charging even through a partially shaded panel. There may be two or more Maximum Power Points (MPP) on the power-voltage curve in the event of partial shading.

Thanks to the output that allows you to connect the load, the regulators guard the operation of gel batteries connected to the system. They do not allow them to be over- or under-charged. They disconnect the load as soon as the battery starts to discharge. In this way, the service life of the batteries is increased.

MPPT regulators and their cooperation with VE. Direct Bluetooth LE Dongle.

VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle

The latest design, that makes it easier for the user to use a solar system equipped with an MPPT charge controller,works with the VE.Direct Bluetooth LE Dongle. Thanks to this cooperation, anyone can observe the operation of his system on a mobile device. The VE.Direct Bluetooth LE Dongle works with both Android and Apple systems. When using the VE.Direct Bluetooth LE Dongle with the free downloadable Victron Energy application on your mobile device, you can easily connect to your MPPT controller via Bluetooth. In this way, you can easily check the state of charge and discharge of the battery and charging errors at any time. You can also change the settings of your installation. It is a very convenient solution for people whose installation is outside their permanent place of residence.