Ready-made sets

We offer ready-made photovoltaic sets generating 230V voltage. They allow you to power holiday homes, bowers or entire buildings. They are easy to assemble and can be assembled without a qualified installer.

Photovoltaic Solar Plant

Small systems

These types of systems are intended for tourism purposes. They provide 230V power for charging phones, tablets or laptops. They can also power lighting, small refrigerators. They are designed to work in good sunlight.

Photovoltaic Solar Plant

Vacation house

The systems are equipped with an MPPT regulator that allows you to charge the battery in the shade. They are dedicated to supply 230V voltage to holiday homes. In the sunny period, they can be sufficient to power the entire home including refrigerators, dishwashers, water pumps and similar appliances.

Be independent

Large systems that draw energy from multiple solar panels can provide power to your home all year round. Also in periods with less sunshine. They are suitable for powering all receivers except electric stoves or induction cooker.​​

The principle of operation of the photovoltaic system is not complicated. Solar panels turn the sun’s rays into electricity, which is sent to the battery via the charge regulator. The voltage converter then converts the current from the battery to 230V. A photovoltaic system can simultaneously collect and return electricity. At night, it works from the stored energy in the battery.

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