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Hybrid systems are designed to work with solar panels but also with a grid. It can transfer energy directly from the grid and charge the batteries. In the event of a power failure from the grid, it can only work with solar panels or with an optional power generator. Victron Energy devices have a special assistant that allows you to turn the generator on and off by controlling the NO / NC connector. The Hybrid System is the perfect solution for all those who want to be independent from the power supply and be sure that they will never run out of electricity.

Hybrid Solar System

Panels and Grid

EasySolar-II GX uses excess PV energy to charging the batteries or transmitting them to the network, and discharges the batteries or uses utility power to filling the shortages of PV power. In the event of a break in power supply EasySolar-II GX will disconnect the system from the grid and will continue supply consumers with electricity from battery.

Panels, Grid and Generator

Topology parallel to the power grid EasySolar-II GX uses sensor data external AC power (not included) or a power meter to optimize own consumption, if necessary to prevent energy being sent to the power grid. In the event of a power cut the EasySolar-II GX will continue supply electricity the most important electricity consumers from batteries, solar panels or generator.

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